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Matthew Wilcox
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:13:54 -0700

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	website
Changes by:	willy	00/02/29 14:13:54

Log message:
    Initial import of Linux/PARISC website.  You need OmniMark to turn this
    source into a website, but you shouldn't need to be doing that anyway.
    Vendor Tag:	puffin
    Release Tags:	initial
    N website/lists.x
    N website/cvs.x
    N website/faq.x
    N website/history.x
    N website/hp9000_models.x
    N website/index.x
    N website/software.x
    N website/sponsors.x
    N website/status.x
    N website/template
    N website/contact.x
    N website/documentation.x
    N website/recipe.x
    N website/gcc.x
    N website/weekly/template
    N website/weekly/nov19.x
    N website/weekly/about.x
    N website/weekly/dec10.x
    N website/weekly/nov25.x
    N website/weekly/dec03.x
    N website/weekly/index.x
    N website/weekly/jan21.x
    N website/weekly/jan07.x
    N website/weekly/feb18.x
    N website/weekly/jan14.x
    N website/weekly/feb11.x
    N website/weekly/feb04.x
    N website/press/template
    N website/press/somlinker.x
    No conflicts created by this import