glibc dhd

David Huggins-Daines
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:39:18 -0600

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Module name:	glibc
Changes by:	dhd	00/09/06 12:39:18

Modified files:
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	sysdeps/hppa   : dl-fptr.c dl-machine.h 

Log message:
Because of weak symbols (pthreads, blech), we actually do need to
create dynamic procedure descriptors in the dynamic linker like IA-64.
As far as I can tell we don't need to do them for local symbols but I
might be wrong (What about the case where a pointer to a local symbol
is returned from one object to another?  Urgh.  I'll fix that later)

This requires a change to binutils (coming through soon) so update
your linkers.