linux-2.3 bame

Paul Bame
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 14:46:38 -0600

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs/parisc
Module name:	linux-2.3
Changes by:	bame	00/09/08 14:46:38

Modified files:
	arch/parisc/kernel: entry.S pdc.c pdc_cons.c setup.c traps.c 
	arch/parisc/real: real1.c real2.S 
	arch/parisc64/real: head.S hpmc_s.S 

Log message:
Basic PDC printing, and other PDC calls, now work in a 64-bit kernel --
haven't tested PAT PDC yet.  Kernel still dies pretty quick after the
first few messages.  Several things are ugly -- I'm still working
on cleanup.

* Save more debug information before the infinite loop which comprises
most of the 64-bit IVA.  See unimplemented_64bitirq in entry.S for info.

* An ugly hunk of code messing with 64-bit function pointers
in pdc.c:pdc_init() will go away.

* added iodc_call() to replace real_call(PAGE0->mem_cons.iodc_io, ...
On 64-bit, iodc_call() constructs a 32-bit call stack and makes the
actual iodc firmware call in 32-bit mode.

* IODC console input is not available with the current interface -- it'll
get rearranged soon.

* added appropriate #ifdef __LP64__ around the PA1.1 IVA code which can't
be used, by definition, in wide mode.

* made RFI() subroutines rfi_real2virt() and rfi_virt2real() to save space,
improve maintainability, and perhaps in the future be used by the several
other places we use the very magic RFI code sequence.  Eventually these
probably belong in head.S